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I'm Frederik

I'm a historian and Danish teacher, currently located in Copenhagen but hope to move to the Danish isle of Fyn in the near future. I have a wife and a son. Who are you?



I believe a good conversations begins with having an openminded approach to whom ever we meet and speak or talk with. It is important that the student feels comfortable while learning the language, but also gets the insights as to how to decipher the Danish language.  

I often hear that Danish is so hard to understand and pronounce from my students. You can even hear some say it sounds like Danes have a potato in their mouth when speaking. 

Well, having a potato in your mouth while speaking Danish is quite challenging, and most would wait till in between bites - that goes for locals too. 

I like to travel, and have been around the world. I have lived abroad for the first part of my life, in Belgium and India, and it is important for me to understand, as well as experience, how locals go about, when it comes to understanding culture. Ways of living, and why we do as we do or say as we say. 

I find it interesting that people looking at the Danish culture, or Danes from the outside, often see or notice the things, which for locals seem obvious, or goes unnoticed in every day life. 

Besides teaching Danish, I do historical tours around Copenhagen,  work as a volunteer in different associations, and I believe the best  way to get in contact with the local people or society is through engagement.  

As a Historian and Danish teacher, I like to combine the two in one as we will go through all day to day topics, with a focus on you as the student and your needs. I will help you to be able to order a cup of coffee, give you tips on how to get in contact with the locals, read the news, speak with your boss or kids' school teacher. I will give you the tools to  write a letter, e-mail or your application for your next job application. 

See you in class?



Bachelor's Degree in History

Sep 2007 - June 2011

I have a Bachelor's degree in History and an elective  module in Danish. 

In History I have specialized in the field of 

- World History -  after 1914

- Danish History 1450-1914  - History of Copenhagen 1600-1830 - with the BA-thesis - The lack of an uprising after the establishment of absolutism in Denmark in 1660.

- Cultural Distance - Understanding of World History before 1450  - The Romans perception of the Germanic people. 

- Historical Methology


Specialized in the field of 

- linguistics

- literary analysis

- literary history before 1825 until 1925


Master's Degree in History and minor in Danish

Jun 2011 - May 2015

I hold a masters degree in History and a minor in Danish



-  World history between 1500-1914

- Danish History after 1914

- European History after 1945


- Danish literature including (Swedish and Norwegian)

_ Danish language and teaching

- language grammar, phonetics, standards and attitudes toward language and teaching

- Danish Media analysis 

Furthermore I hold a BA in Danish as a Second Language for Adults (2020)


  • Danish

  • English

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