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Why choose my classes?

With a background merge of studying history and teaching Danish, I believe you will not only leave my classes speaking Danish but also much more knowledgeable with Danish history and culture.


That’s how I came up with my tagline: “do it – do danish”. Even though it’s taggy I believe that it says something very true about culture. It’s not something you are, but something you do. And the same with learning the language. You can't just learn the language without doing the danish.

What is the secret? When learning Danish it is crucial to understand the phonetics, or the sounds of the language, to detect what Danes say. This to understand if we speak in past or present tense, or speak about definite or indefinte things and concepts. When mastering the sound you will be able to decode the writing as well.   


If you are the student looking for rules, rather than the action, then Danish is tough, but it is just as tough as any other language encountered for the first time. Written language is, of course, important as well, but a thumb rule is that when you have a rule in Danish, there are exceptions. The basics must be understood before going into detail. My experience is that rules of language follow logic or culture (history) rather than mathematical formulas. Therefor you could experience that a lot might be similar to your language, but also that a lot is different. This is why it is Danish through storytelling.  


With me as your teacher we will go through personalized exercises and have extensive dialogue in Danish to make sure that you will feel, that you will have the right foundation to meet the Danes . 

Book an Online Session

You can book a call or send me an e-mail, if we haven't talked before. If you've already had one of my classes and wish to book more you can also do so here.

How will the classes be?

In my classes, I will focus on your interests and your level of Danish. Therefore we will start with a conversation about how you believe you learn the best and what your interests are. This will be a free of charge, short, 15min conversation from where you can also get a feeling of how our chemistry is. If you chose to continue, our first class will cost 250 kr. From that class we can agree on what material and what process will suit you best. Please go to Prices for more information. I offer both single classes and package prices. Here you can also see the prices in euros.


How will the process be?

From the knowledge we get in our first conversations, I will tailor a process for you and what I believe we will need to go through to reach the goals that you have set for your Danish journey. However, I will design it in the way that I believe we process and store information best: by focus on repetition and assimilation. And most of all: we will go through the basics, the ground pillars of Danish, MANY times. Because only when you really know the ground pillars of the language, can you ascent to new heights of speaking and understanding Danish.  


Exercises or dialogue?

I have experienced with many of my clients, that it’s important to them to have homework. And I do give some homework. But I mostly believe that when we speak together and when we practice the dialogue, you will learn the most. Therefore I have shaped my classes and material to do both. And I will shape your class to what you prefer the most. So if homework and repetition through exercises are what you prefer, then the walkthrough and feedback of that can be our focus. Or it can be to have continuous dialogues to talk and repeat words for your better understanding. 

What can I achieve?

You can chose to have one class or a more customized and tailored package solution, that will help you achieve your long term goals. In a standard one hour class, I will give you material that has been personalized to the interests, that you've told me about in our introductory call. But with the package solutions we will dive into thorough walkthroughs and feedback. And here the real interesting conversations and history lessons start. 



With Fred’s danish, I can help you reach the your goals, as:


Preparation for the DANSK PD 1, 2 and 3

Improve your written and oral level of Danish

Improve your pronunciation

Whatever your intention is with the Danish class, I believe that we can find the right path of learning for you

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